Heathen Polytheism


Wuffacynn is a kindred of folk from Suffolk and North Essex who are Heathen Polytheists, we are particularly interested in early English period Heathenry and  have come together as a kindred to research and learn (via tutorial discussion meetings) and celebrate our festivals together. We hope you enjoy our site.  

It is firmly believed within the Fellowship of Wuffacynn that the Heathen religious beliefs of our Anglo Saxon Forefathers are still relevant today, with this in mind it is the aim of our Kindred, and of many later day Heathens, to research, recreate and practice a heathen religion comparable to the religion of our early English Forefathers.

In so doing we have striven for and achieved a religion that can breath and survive the rigours of 21st century living.

In recreating a religion that once thrived in these lands 1500 years ago we have to actively consider a number of different factors that can not be ignored. Firstly, we must be aware of the sparse historical detail that has survived of the Heathen Religions of the Early English. In putting together a religion that is true and yet practical in today’s world we have to look toward the historic Scandinavian and Icelandic models of Heathen religious practice to enable us to create a meaningful and worthy reconstructed religious discipline.

It is right that we are mindful of other Heathen organizations, whose established modes of practice and reputable research makes them worthy of note. It is wise to consider any reputable research carried out and draw on the experience of these organizations.

We are very aware that the Polytheist faiths of our Pre-Christian past were faiths with softer boundaries than the Monotheist faiths of today. The Anglo-Saxon faiths that arrived in this country would have, over time, absorbed, tenets and traits from the existing indigenous faiths and although this would not have changed the core value of the Heathenry it would have moulded it into a Heathenry that was unique to these Isles.

With this on board we strive to build authentic relationships with our Gods in harmony with the ways of our Ancestors.

As the main focus is early English period Heathenry, It is not within the remit of Wuffacynn to follow wholesale any of the existing purist Scandinavian/Germanic Heathen Faiths or later period/Neo Pagan Heathen Spiritualities that are currently practised in this country. This being said, comparative studies may at times be carried out of other Heathen practices.

This does not prohibit Wuffacynn from allying itself to such organizations if it is in the benefit of our Kindred so to do.

The Elders of Wuffacynn will provide tutorials, and our membership will have the opportunity to meet regularly at members houses to pursue Heathen studies and discuss/debate Heathen issues in line with the aims and ideals of our kindred.

To be considered for membership you must either be a practicing Heathen Polytheist, who wishes to embrace this particular discipline of Heathen Spirituality, or a Heathen newcomer wishing to embrace, explore and journey with us.

Following an initial enquiry you will be invited to meet Kin Elders. This meeting may result in one of three outcomes:-

 1.    You may decide this style of Heathenism is not for you, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

 2.    If, following this meeting the Elders feel it would be mutually beneficial you may invited to attend kindred gatherings for a period of six months to a year.

 3.    If, the Elders feel that you could benefit from membership but are unable to offer an invite due to existing numbers you will be offered support/advice to assist you in embracing your journey into Heathenism.

Membership of Wuffacynn is not a RIGHT it is a PRIVILEGE. All applications will be assessed on merit.

WUFFACYNN DOES NOT PRACTICE OR CONDONE DISCRIMINATION. we welcome inquiries from all who feel the call of the Old Gods whose interest may lay within our sphere of Heathenry, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or disability. 

Being a member of a Kindred or Hearth is not prerequisite to being a Heathen. A comprehensive study of Heathenry can be achieved independently as there is plenty of well researched information available today via both the internet and books. 

We are very fortunate locally to have a community of good Heathen Folk, not all in tune with our Kindred and our take on Heathenism, indeed, there are other Kindreds and Hearths locally whose take on Heathenism is very different to ours. There are also some who do not wish to contribute to or be part of a Kindred or Hearth. It is for the individual to decide how they wish to take their faith forward. There is no universal "right way Forward" and we should always respect the autonomy of the individual. 

Wuffacynn does not involve itself with Neo Pagan initiatory structures or practices, we celebrate Blots (festivals) in line with our research, and also in fealty with the wishes of any Gods/Goddesses that may be beneficial to our members. The lore as laid down in the Icelandic Havamal regarding both guest and host law will apply.

Due to respect for our Gods and our faith we have rules that must be observed before an invitation to a guest can be extended. Attendance at a blot is by invitation only, and as the tenets and protocols of hospitality are very much to the fore within our kindred it is very important and right that criteria apply to guest invitation. As an outsider the criteria governing invitation is as follows:-

The proposed guest must be a Polytheist from one of the following backgrounds:-

    1. A fellow Heathen from a sympathetic Heathen discipline.

    2. An individual whose spirituality does not conflict with

        Heathenry as practiced within our kindred.                      .

    3. An individual who may be considering a Heathen Spiritual



It must be remembered that an invitation is a privilege and not a right (sorry a bit of repetition here). 

If you wish to find out more or are interested in being considered for membership you can contact us via the "Contact Us" page on this site.

Alternatively if you like the style of Heathenism espoused in these pages, and either live too far away or are unable to actively and regularly support our kindred you can join this site and stay abreast of our activities and be invited to our open Blotar.


The following pages are taken from the research of their author, Terry Stannard-Smith and are subject to copyright, the poems are copyrighted to their respective authors. Most of this material is freely available from source through the internet, however If you wish to extract and use any of the material from the following pages please contact Terry via the "Contact Us" service on this site.

 "My  sincere and grateful thanks for inspiring and creating my thirst for this journey must be acknowledged here. Firstly, our Gods/Goddesses for showing me the door. Secondly, The English Homestead website on Anglo-Saxon Heathenism (sadly now no longer) the first step in my journey. Thirdly to Robin Herne anot a Heathen but a Druid who although not sharing my spiritual path he supported and encouraged my early learning. To Adi who actively supports and shares my journey today, without his computer know how I would not have got this far with this site.To so many great Heathen Academics and friends with whom I have shared Sumble and been inspired by their written words and grand orations, and last but by no means least the Kindred of Wuffacynn both past and present, a greater bunch of people would be hard to find. Sharing sumble and blotar with these dear friends is one of lifes great honours. I thank you all.


Terry Stannard-Smith